This blog was ultimately created to introduce our darling angel to the rest of the world and give you a taste of why at only a few weeks into the pregnancy we have already fallen deeply inlove with this precious gift from God! Hope you enjoy this wonderful journey with us. Moms, moms-to-be and Daddies, you are more than welcome to share your joys and pains here too...we would love to hear and more importantly, learn from YOU! Love Carmen, Lesley & Jada

Sunday, March 21, 2010


Update from mom: This morning while lying awake in bed, I noticed something somewhat unusual in Jada's behaviour...now I know our little Cheekybums to be quite the athlete with her constant twists, turns, kicks and summersaults, but this morning she seemed to have reached a new milestone in her unborn little life.
I asked Lesley to feel if he could figure out what exactly it is she was doing. At first he thought it was just her kicking, but I knew it couldn't be as her kicks has become increasingly stronger over the last couple of weeks and THIS just seemed like continuous jerking or mild hopping movements. We were so amazed at this new trick Jada seemed to have learned and when the jerking still didn't stop after few minutes I realised our baby was having the hiccups!!

It is such a blessing to experience our angel growing and developing at such a rapid pace - it's like she's already here...with us. Just goes to show how fast time really passes and how quick they actually grow up once they're born. As parents, we are already mighty proud of little Jada - not only is she a healthy, growing, beautiful and happy little girl...but a true gift from God promising to bring us many joys once she's finally here!!!

Love Mom & Dad

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