This blog was ultimately created to introduce our darling angel to the rest of the world and give you a taste of why at only a few weeks into the pregnancy we have already fallen deeply inlove with this precious gift from God! Hope you enjoy this wonderful journey with us. Moms, moms-to-be and Daddies, you are more than welcome to share your joys and pains here too...we would love to hear and more importantly, learn from YOU! Love Carmen, Lesley & Jada

Monday, January 18, 2010

OUR BABY AT 10 WEEKS- 01-12-2009

Hello Everyone! Today mommy and daddy saw me for the very first time and although I cannot hear a word, they sure seem pretty excited while doc is shaking mommy's tummy so they can all have a good look at me and I can sense them being very happy with what they see - Doc tells them I'm doing well and that my heartbeat is strong.
Allthough mommy and daddy is very happy expecting me, it's also been a really tough couple of weeks for mom - so far she's been sick all day everyday. She tells dad she wishes it would go away, but not once do I get the feeling she's unhappy with me! I have just about gotten used to my surroundings, I feel safe here and mom and dad makes sure I eat and drink healthily - But still I cannot wait to finally be in their loving embrace!

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