This blog was ultimately created to introduce our darling angel to the rest of the world and give you a taste of why at only a few weeks into the pregnancy we have already fallen deeply inlove with this precious gift from God! Hope you enjoy this wonderful journey with us. Moms, moms-to-be and Daddies, you are more than welcome to share your joys and pains here too...we would love to hear and more importantly, learn from YOU! Love Carmen, Lesley & Jada

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Emotional health during pregnancy

Let's face it, as first time moms we often feel anxious about the smallest of things (or what may seem small to others). Whether we're worried about the amount of times our baby kicks per day, helping a friend through a miscarraige while you're pregnant, strangers touching your bump or overbearing in-laws - these are all concerns many us can relate to and it's always nice to vent to a friend or better yet, let your frustrastions out to other moms-to-be in simmilar situations, which is why I thought I'd share the following link with you...visit the baby-centre and LET IT OUT!!! All the best and Happy Pregnancy!!! love from Jada & Me :-)

go to http://www.cheekybums.blogspot.com/ to view blog

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