This blog was ultimately created to introduce our darling angel to the rest of the world and give you a taste of why at only a few weeks into the pregnancy we have already fallen deeply inlove with this precious gift from God! Hope you enjoy this wonderful journey with us. Moms, moms-to-be and Daddies, you are more than welcome to share your joys and pains here too...we would love to hear and more importantly, learn from YOU! Love Carmen, Lesley & Jada

Wednesday, February 17, 2010


Hey All! Just a word from mom tonight :-)
How wonderfull it is lying here in bed, listening to the thunder right outside my window and Jada snugly and soundly asleep in the pit of my tummy! She has been having such irragular sleeping paterns these past few days that it sometimes worries me when she's quiet for too long. She's also growing realy fast and I know that she's only going through THAT phase of her unborn little life right now, but I have to admit it brings me tremendous comfort feeling her fluttering about inside. Oh well, geuss this one has a mind of her own, so we're just gonna have to be patient.

About Our Day: This morning Lesley and I wake up with a startle at 7:20 when we realise we've slept through the alarm that already went off at 6:30 (that'll teach us to watch series episodes 'till 1 in the morning!). We've been invited by the maternity ward for a pregnancy information seminar which starts at 8:30am today and should end at about 12:00 noon. Luckily the pre-natal gods are with us and we miss the worst of Pretoria traffic. We get to the hospital, find the auditorium without much trouble and once there are told that we're actually still early so we sit down and calmly enjoy a cup of coffee - a delicacy for me these days as I'm strictly forbidden (by Lesley of cause) from anything with caffeine and all the other 'yummy' things baby books tells us moms-to-be to stay away from.
The seminar starts and we're amazed at how much we already knew and how much we've never even thought about. There are so many preggie mommies and it's great to see their partners there too, being the ever supportive beings they are - or so I hope! The information shared by the different doctors and nurses about breast-feeding, vaginal birth, caesareans and infirtility are invaluable and we find it quite interesting - or so I think - coz halfway through I feel a head on my shoulder, seems Lesley's clearly had enough of looking at other mommies' boobies shown on the projector and was still feeling the effects of the late night we had!
Soon there-after, the seminar ends and with all the information gained I am convinced, more than ever, that a normal vaginal birth will be best for me and baby...if all goes well of cause!!
After we finish the delicious lunch they've been so kind to prepare, we head back to work. Pregnancy sure is the most wonderful of gifts a woman may ever experience, but it can also be a distressing time in that it's SO unpredictable, which is why it's best to leave it all in God's hands...

Love Carmen, Lesley & Jada

interesting fact: Did you know that approximately 80% of pregnant women in South Africa chooses to have a caesarean rather than normal birth.

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